Terrestrial Photography

Sometimes the shots you need are best done from a tripod or from hand-held equipment. Pictures From The Sky also offers outstanding terrestrial photography services. Because we have such a deep background in Commercial and Creative photography, we are able to be a central resource for many of the types of photography and styles a client may need. And if there is some area we feel someone may do a better job for you, we will are happy to recommend and collaborate with any type expert you need, or work with a firm that you retain yourself.

Louise has a creative, successful and well established photography practice that can provide a wide range of photography to supplement our Aerial work.

This photography highlights the vision that business owners share when they describe their product or service. These shots always tell a story. These shots are not snapshots. They are high quality professional images. Although many people accept lower quality shots, the people you will want to reach do not.

These services can include Commercial and Residential interiors and exteriors. For Example:


Residential Photography

     - Excellent ultra high resolution photography for residential properties

     - Emphasizes the strong visual points of any space

     - A great supplement to Aerial perspectives

Quality spaces are best represented with quality photography.


Commercial Photography

     - Excellent ultra high resolution photography for commercial properties

     - Can represent properties at any time of day, in any configuration

     - Tilt shift lenses can be used for larger structures

     - Emphasizes the points that you want communicated to your clients or owners

Again, not to over emphasize, but – Quality spaces are best represented with quality photography.


Time Lapse Photography

     - Excellent ultra high resolution time lapse photography for any purpose.

     - Useful for documenting an extended process or event.

     - Always a compelling visual that most people enjoy.

     - Simple (tripod) to complex (rail systems) equipment availability.

No other way exists to watch an 8 hour event in 30 seconds.

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