Commercial, Residential and Personal Pricing

For prints, products or usage of existing photography, please feel free to visit You are able to browse a variety of aerial images by location or topic.

Due to the complex nature of what we do, every engagement is individually bid. There is simply no “one size fits all” (or some) that we, or you, should feel comfortable with. Not unlike your plumber, no two jobs are alike and no bid is provided without consultation and site survey.

Factors that effect pricing vary significantly for every engagement. For instance,

Personal Engagements

Personal engagements involve shooting what you want (assuming you have the rights to photograph), when you want, and generally how you want. These are probably the least complex situations and involve:

     - Minimum discussion, planning and equipment preparation – usually just an hour to 90 minutes in total.

     - Minimum time on site – usually just an hour.

     - Minimum post processing – usually just 1-3 images.

     - Minimum usage rights – usually just personal use.

     - Travel is based on actual travel time if travel totals more than an hour.

     - You may download or print any number of your images from our website. A variety of print styles, media type, framing options and other merchandise are available. Please let us know if there is something you don’t see and we’ll check with our lab to see if it is available for you.

Residential Engagements

Residential engagements usually involve shooting a property for the purposes of advertisement or marketing for sale. We are usually contracted by the broker, although can be hired directly by owners. These include all of the factors of Personal Engagements (above), but could potentially introduce the following considerations:

     - Interior coverage (non aerial) my be desired.

     - Aerial and traditional video may be required.

     - Usage rights may need to be expanded, but are generally still limited.

     - Engagement timing may involve coordination with other parties, such as decorators, site prep, or brokers/owners.

Commercial Engagements

There are two general categories of Commercial engagements. The first is commercial property or buildings with extended usage rights, and the second is cinematography.

Commercial Engagements usually last a full day or less, consist of most of the factors stated above, and potentially introduce the following considerations:

     - Significant preparation regarding site access and requirements is involved.

     - Very specific deliverables are discussed. Access to specific areas is very time dependent.

     - Substantial equipment preparation and availability is required. We need to take a lot of extra gear with us.

     - Expanded usage rights are usually required.

     - A contract may be involved.

Commercial Cinematography is very structured to begin with, and the DP will contract us for shots that exceed the capability of his available equipment. The DP will know what is required, when and how. These engagements are usually multiple days, and introduce a flat “day” or “week” rate for all expenses related to gear, pilot, camera operator , travel and lodging, etc.. We will work within the budget of the DP, but additional considerations to arrive at the rate apply:

     - Number of weather and production related safety days we will commit to.

     - Other contract issues required by the DP.

Pricing is almost more complex than flying. Actually, it’s not. Thanks for your patience and understanding that we simply have no single pricing model that fits all requirements.

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