Louise Michaud - picturesfromthesky

About Louise Michaud


An expert in timing, composition, and all formats of beautiful photography, including video. Highly skilled and versatile at all types of events and in personal and corporate/commercial settings. Centrally located studio in Salem, Massachusetts and easily contacted through her website: www.louisemichaud.com. She is also a talented speaker and educator on all aspects of digital and traditional photography. Her company also uses aerial photography and video platforms that brings a whole new perspective to many of her projects and assignments. Louise’s talent is highly sought-after and her relationships in her industry and with clients span many years of expertise and involvement. Her slogan is “Interesting places, beautiful faces, and fascinating things.” With her finger on the shutter and her eye in the view finder, everything comes to life with beauty, utility and professionalism. Her photos and videos are unforgettable.

Louise grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, and received her BFA in Visual Design from Southeastern Massachusetts University. Since then, she has been awarded the Photographic Craftsmen Degree, a Master of Photography Degree, and became a Certified Professional Photographer, all through Professional Photographers of America.

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