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Aerial Videography

If a picture says a thousand words, a short video clip says a million.  Almost every serious professional commercial or production has much more aerial footage in it than you might have initially noticed.

Our video technology centers around the Freefly Systems Movi gimbal.  If you are not familiar with this technology, please google it for a baseline understanding of what we use.  This gimbal is revolutionizing commercial video and Hollywood productions.  We use the Movi to provide extremely smooth full frame video.  We share a compelling HDMI live video feed during shooting with a client/DP and operator ground station so that "What you see is what you get".  Real time. 

Whether you require high impact 4-5 second following, truck or dolly shots, or perhaps longer sweeping landscape footage, we get what you need.   Start at 5 feet and rise gracefully to 90 feet, or sweep along with any perspective you require.   Sometimes you might want to stay perfectly still on a 100 foot tripod.   The possibilities are limitless.

Please review some of our sample videos at [ where ever they are] for some examples of what we do.

Aerial Videography

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